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Shopping for Books & DVDs  

We have created this shop as we want to help you find some useful resources and products quickly and easily that relate to our website. As you can see there is a great selection of Books, DVDs and some useful travel equipment which we hope will help you plan your next flightless holiday.

We have spent hours sifting through Amazon to try and find the products that will be of most interest to you and have only listed rated items when they have received at least a minimum of 4 stars. The shop is powered by Amazon, in return we get a small commission which helps us to maintain our site (the price of products in our shop are the same as those on the Amazon site), in return you will hopefully come across some resources and products you have not seen before.

We have created shops specifically for the UK and US as most of our site visitors are based in these countries. If you are based in Australia many of the books we have featured can be bought from itravelbooks.com.au which should save you some shipping costs (it's also better for the environment as it cuts down on transportation!).