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Responsible Travel  

Ethical Travel

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So you have already made the first step in ethical travel by not flying but ethical travel goes much further than that. There are all sorts of things that you should consider from human rights to the protection of endangered species.

The debate surrounding human rights is always an interesting one. Some people claim that as an ethical traveller you should not visit counties which for example, are under dictatorship or censorship as you are supporting the regime, while others claim the opposite as you will be able to engage with locals and bring the outside world to them. It's a complex debate and different people draw the line in different places. At FlightlessTravel.com we are not about to tell you where to go or not to go but we do encourage you to treat everyone with respect, not to put people's lives or livelihoods at risk and not to eat protected species or to assist in the destruction of local habitats.

Lowest Price - Remember they have to make a living!

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Please remember that this site was not set up so that its users could benefit from getting the lowest price on every travel route. The lowest price information in the plan a journey section of our site was included to help you agree a fair price, a price which is acceptable to both parties. It is a guide to the best price that you can achieve, not a target. Don't forget that in many developing countries the locals have to make a living and the difference of a dollar will make a much bigger difference to their life than to yours! As a traveller you should remember to find the best price for both parties. When this site does help you save money why not make a donation to a local school, orphanage or monastery!

It's also worth remembering that prices can fluctuate massively in a short period of time usually due to the world price of crude oil. Such fluctuations often have a much bigger impact on the price of travel in the developing world than in the developed world as the cost of the fuel makes up a larger proportion of the overall transport costs.

Possible Travel Dangers

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In most cases travel dangers are small however; FlightlessTravel.com recommends that all users should understand the dangers of travel before embarking on any journey as dangers will vary considerably depending on which country you are in.

Dangers include; tropical diseases; dangerous animals; poor sanitation standards as well as poor food and drinking water standards. You can protect yourself against many of these risks by ensuring that you get correct travel inoculations before leaving home (worringly a large number of people don't do this!), the UK NHS website; fitfortravel, provides a useful list of travel inoculations for different parts of the world. It should be noted that advice on travel inoculations differs depending on which country you live so it is always advisable to contact your local doctor.

Travel dangers can also come from other people through robberies and assaults or even dangerous driving. Always think about the precautions you can take before you start a journey. For example, travel insurance is a useful way of protecting yourself against some of the financial costs that you could incur if you become ill or have an accident while away from home. We have also provided some links at the bottom of this page to some useful travel products.

Crocodile - One dangerous animal to watch out for when travelling

As the routes on this site are provided by our community of users, FlightlessTravel.com is unable to guarantee that all routes are safe to travel, as such there may be some routes which pass through areas with high terrorist activity or even areas officially classed as war zones. To help you to travel safely we recommended that users should access the latest information provided by their government on overseas countries. For UK citizens this is www.fco.gov.uk/travel and for US citizens http://travel.state.gov. Sorry for not listing any more countries than this but it's a long old list! For health related issues the World Health Organisation website http://www.who.int/en has a wealth of information.

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