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Welcome to FlightlessTravel.com  

A unique community dedicated to the sharing of flightless travel experiences and adventures. Our aim is to bring people together to share their own slow travel experiences so that we can help each other to create our own slow travel routes.

If you're a green overland traveller, interested in slow travel, enjoy adventure holidays, planning a gap year or perhaps you have a fear of flying then let us help you plan your own overland tour.

Couple Jumping for Joy on their Overland Gap Year
  • This site provides a platform to let independent travellers share key information on specific journeys to build up a database on flightless routes around the world.
  • The core aim of the website is not to tell you not to fly it's to highlight the alternative travel routes allowing you to plan your own independent journeys.
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What is Slow Travel?

You will see that we use the term 'slow travel' regularly on our website. But what is slow travel? Well it means different things to different people but for us it's a fairly simple definition. It's about taking your time when travelling through a country so that you can meet local people and watch the landscape change as you move from one region to the next. It's about trying new food and drink and trying to speak the local language, it's about fully immersing yourself in the local culture.

Michael Palin's Thoughts on Slow Travel

Photo of Michael Palin

The closure of major parts of European air space over five days in April 2010, due to the volcanic ash cloud from the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull volcano, propelled slow travel to the front pages of European newspapers and lead to a number of radio shows on slow travel.

On the 23rd April 2010 BBC Radio 4's programme “You and Yours” dedicated a whole show to the “Ash Cloud Travel Chaos”. For those Aussies out there we apologise as the show starts with a few moaning poms but it turns more positive from chapter 2 onwards with a poem from Ian McMillan! The show starts to focus more specifically on slow travel in chapter 4 with a few interviews including one from our Co-Founder Tom McMillan.

So what about Michael Palin we hear you ask! Well he enters the show to talk about slow travel in Chapter 4, 33 minutes into the programme. Click here to listen to the You and Yours show.

2015 Mongolian Overland Charity Rally - The Ultimate Overland Adventure

Slow Travel Overland Through the Mongolian Steppes

Travel overland for 10,000 miles and encounter strange borders, deserts, mountain ranges and locals with eagles for pets along the way ........it's the only Mongolian rally all for charity!

The Mongolia Charity Rally is the original charity rally to Mongolia, it's run by UK registered charity Go Help, and staffed by volunteers, helping to keep the entry fee to half that of other rallies to Mongolia for the overland adventure of a life-time.

This years race stars from London in July, if you don't sign up you can follow the teams progress here as they make their way to the final destination of the great Mongol capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Think you can do this? Then sign up here (and don't forget to quote FLIGHTLESSTRAVEL_DISCOUNT).

Overland and Slow Travel Books

Books & DVDs

We have added a shop to the site with a great selection of Books, DVDs and some useful travel equipment which we hope will help you plan your own overland travel tours. We have spent hours sifting through Amazon to try and find the products that will be of most interest to you and have only listed rated items when they have received at least a minimum of 4 stars. Click here to check the shop out.

Newspaper Articles - Be Inspired!

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Train travelers can zip from Helsinki, Finland, to St. Petersburg, Russia, in less than four hours, thanks to a new high-speed rail service. LA Times

Top 10 tips on overland travel

Antonia Bollingbroke-Kent and Jo Huxster set off on an overland trip from Bangkok to Brighton in a tuk-tuk. After 12,500 miles on the road, they share their tips to trouble-free freewheeling. Guardian

How To Stick to Keto While Traveling

Staying on a ketogenic diet while traveling has been made possible by this keto boost review. They share top tips and keto travel plan for your next trip! Daily Mail

Harley Davidson gran plans round-the-world trip

A 62-year-old grandmother from South Yorkshire is set to sell her house to travel the world on her beloved Harley Davidson. Daily Mail

Tea in the Sahara: a road trip through the Libyan Desert

Following an ancient trade route across Libya, Sara Wheeler encounters Berber life, and finds that trade and smuggling is still alive and well. Guardian

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