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European Ferry Crossings

There are hundreds of ferry crossings throughout Europe from short hops between Greek Islands to longer routes such as the 2 night ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo. Many of the longer crossings are referred to as mini-cruises where dinner, bed & breakfast and entertainment is provided on board the ferry. Details on some selected mini-cruises can be found here.

Book a Route

To help you book ferry crossings in Europe we have provided an online ferry booking system powered by aferry.co.uk, this booking system has real time access to over 60 European ferry operators and over 800 ferry crossings with instant email booking confirmation. To help you search for ferry crossings we have provided some useful maps at the bottom of the page.

European Ferry Crossing the Sea
Alternatively you can book directly with these companies;
Ferry Port Link
  • Irish Ferries : Ireland - Wales | Ireland - France
  • Stena Line : England - Netherlands | England - Northern Ireland | Scotland - Northern Ireland | Ireland - Wales | Denmark - Norway | Denmark - Sweden | Germany - Sweden | Poland - Sweden
  • : England - France | England - Netherlands | England - Denmark | Denmark - Norway
  • : England - France | England - Ireland | England - Netherlands | England - Belgium | England - Spain
  • Brittany Ferries : England - France | England - Spain | Ireland - France

Have a look at the advertising links on the right hand side of this page for some of the best ferry deals on offer from the companies listed above.

Connections to Africa

There are a number of ferry crossings between Europe with Africa with ferries from Italy connecting with Tunisia and ferries from Spain connecting with Morocco. These can be great options if you want to combine train and ferry travel and get further afield without flying.

As well as international ferry crossings it's also worth remembering that many countries have multiple internal ferry crossings served by small operators. The most obvious is Greece which has over 200 populated islands but countries such as the UK, Denmark, Spain and Italy have a number of interesting internal routes.

Book Ahead

When it comes to travelling by ferry it's important to think about booking ahead, especially during the summer holidays when parents pack up their cars and take their kids off on holiday.

Map of Ferry Routes for North West Europe

Map of Ferry Routes for Scandinavia

Map of Ferry Routes for East Mediterranean

Map of Ferry Routes for West Mediterranean

Map of Ferry Routes for the Canary Islands

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